What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a process in which separating spouses engage a neutral mediator to help them communicate, negotiate and problem solve effectively to make the plans and decisions required by divorce.  

Guided through the process by a trained and experienced mediator, parties are able to explore and identify interests, generate and evaluate potential solutions and reach fair settlements of their own design.  

Spouses with minor children may work in mediation to reach mutually acceptable agreements on parental rights and responsibilities (custody); child support; property division; and spousal support. Spouses without minor children will focus on property division and spousal support. Whatever decisions need to be made, mediation provides the opportunity to resolve matters collaboratively and cost effectively.

Private and confidential, mediation defuses much of the hostility generated by contested divorce litigation. It is also completely voluntary. Participants embark on mediation freely and close the process the same way. No final settlement results without mutual agreement, the opportunity for attorney review of the settlement agreement, and ultimately a court order.

Divorce mediation frequently offers a sensible alternative to negotiating settlement through attorneys alone or a court trial. In the controlled and constructive environment of mediation, spouses can reduce the stress inherent in divorce and focus on the important decisions that need to be made. Parents who are successful in mediation are often better equipped to work together in the future—to the lasting benefit of their children.

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