Trouble to Trust

Three Powerful Steps for Moving from Conflict to Connection

Program Description

Trust is uniquely important to success. With trust we can create opportunities for individual and organizational achievement far exceeding our own reach. Unfortunately, conflict can rock the boat.  From minor slights that erode trust, to major dust-ups that threaten to destroy it, conflict perpetually endangers our prosperity.

The saying goes “Everybody has a plan, until they get bopped in the nose.” Well, this is the plan for when that happens. A strategy that enables you to transform conflict into an opportunity to build trust and do your best work.

In this presentation, I will share my A-B-C Approach of skilled thinking and doing for poised, confident and effective responses to conflict that calm troubled waters, build relationships, move everyone forward, and signal our strength as trusted partners. 

Audience Benefits

Audience members will leave with concrete tools and a strategy for transforming interpersonal conflict that:

  • Saves time, money, and aggravation

  • Builds trust by signaling self-control, competence, empathy and respect

  • Preserves valuable relationships

  • Saves imperiled transactions

  • Creates productive and cooperative working environments

  • Reduces stress and emotional drain

  • Helps everyone do their very best work

Presentation Style

I like to have fun. I speak with passion, energy, humility, and humor.  I won't be standing behind the podium. If my audience is not engaged, I’m not doing my job.

Brief Bio

My experience with conflict resolution spans 27 years, including 17 as a mediator, trainer, educator, and 10 as an attorney.  I mediate disputes in a variety of subject areas and present professional workshops of my own design.  For eight years I was visiting faculty at Bennington College where I taught a variety of popular classes in mediation and interpersonal conflict.

Timeframe and Audience

This program works best as a 45-90 minute keynote and is intended for leaders, managers and employees alike.  It is also available as a workshop.



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