It’s What you Think

Three Mindful Steps for Transforming Conflict into Connection, Stress into Confidence, and Contempt into Trust

Program Description

Want to do your best work? It’s simple: work well with others. When you communicate, cooperate, and build resilient relationships, success and satisfaction will be yours. 

But we all know it’s not that easy. Getting along with other human beings is tricky business. There’s always conflict: disagreement, criticism, blame, self-interest, hurt feelings, and triggered emotions—often sparking reflexive reactions that only make things worse.

Then comes the pain: stress, frustration, isolation, damaged relationships, missed opportunities, and lost trust.

Here’s the good news: we can change this this by choosing what and how we think. With a mindful approach to people and situations, we can think, choose, and respond adaptively to conflict in ways that create connection instead of discomfort and disengagement.

In this presentation, I’ll share three easy-to-learn practices of skilled thinking and doing for poised and productive approaches to conflict. Strategies that reduce stress instantly, build relationships, and signal our skill as trusted partners—so we can do our best work—at the office, at home, and just about everywhere else.


  • If conflict seems hard—these practices will make it easier.

  • If conflict causes stress—these practices will be calming.

  • If conflict makes you uncomfortable—these practices will give you poise.

  • If conflict is destroying relationships—these practices will help you save them.

  • If conflict is spreading contempt—these practices will build trust.

  • If conflict is damaging business—these practices will create opportunities for success.

Audience Benefits

Audience members will leave with a plan, a path, a practice of concrete skills and strategy for transforming interpersonal conflict that:

  • Saves time, money, and aggravation

  • Builds poise, confidence and competence

  • Fuels social capital: cooperation, trust, reciprocity

  • Creates choice, opportunity, and opens doors 

  • Fosters dignity and respect

  • Saves valuable relationships and imperiled transactions 

  • Creates productive working environments

  • Reduces stress, anxiety, and emotional drain

  • Helps everyone do their very best work

Presentation Style

I like to have fun. I speak with passion, energy, humility, and humor.  I won't be standing behind the podium. If you’re not engaged, I’m not doing my job.

Brief Bio

My experience with conflict resolution spans 28 years, including 18 as a mediator, trainer, educator, and 10 as an attorney.  I mediate disputes in a variety of subject areas and present professional workshops of my own design.  For eight years I was visiting faculty at Bennington College where I taught a variety of popular classes in mediation and interpersonal conflict.

Timeframe and Audience

This program works best as a 45-90 minute keynote and is intended for leaders, managers and employees alike.  It is also available as a workshop.



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