BUSINESS and EMPLOYMENT disputes between partners, employers, managers, employees, co-workers, vendors, and other parties engaged in commercial and non-commercial activities; including employment conflicts, inter-business disputes, the dissolution or restructuring of a firm, the separation of principals or employees, and other structural and interpersonal conflicts.

ORGANIZATIONAL disputes between board members, partners, managers, employees and others involved in commercial, nonprofit, and municipal activities; including negotiation, problem solving, decision making, and dispute resolution concerning organizational structure and purposes, interpersonal relationships and behaviors, and significant events.

EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION disputes between employees and employers based on complaints made to the Vermont Attorney General's Office, Civil Rights Unit alleging violations of state and federal law.

DIVORCE disputes between spouses primarily to resolve issues of custody, financial support and property division. (Click here for more on divorce mediation.) 

POST DIVORCE disputes between divorced parents regarding parenting arrangements, custody, support and other issues arising after divorce. 

ESTATE disputes among heirs over estate issues, including the division and use of property.

FAMILY disputes regarding a variety of challenges presented by family life, including the allocation of resources and care of aging parents.

LAND USE disputes arising from the use and development of property and resources among landowners, neighbors, developers, municipalities and other interested parties.

SPECIAL EDUCATION disputes between parents and school districts regarding educational services; as per a contract with the Vermont Agency of Education.

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