Benefits of Divorce Mediation

IT HELPS REDUCE CONFLICT.  In divorce mediation, the focus is on problem solving and decision making, not on assigning blame. Divorcing spouses are encouraged to seek agreement through constructive negotiation of interests on both sides.

IT'S PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL.  Mediation takes place in a private setting. All participants and the mediator agree to keep what is said in mediation confidential.

PARTIES DETERMINE THEIR OUTCOMES.  In court, a judge imposes his or her decision upon the parties.   In mediation, however, divorcing spouses retain decision making control over what happens.  Sensibly, mediation allows those who will live with terms of the divorce agreement to determine its structure.  

IT HELPS GENERATE FAIR, WORKABLE AGREEMENTS.  High quality agreements are a function of how they are made. Mediation’s constructive process helps generate agreements that reflect each family’s distinctive needs and incorporate its unique sense of equity and fairness. These agreements are often the most durable, reducing the need for future modification.

IT FOCUSES PARENTS ON COOPERATIVE CO-PARENTING.  Children benefit from the example of parents working out their differences in in a constructive manner. Parents benefit from practicing skills that will help them address future parenting conflicts.

IT'S FLEXIBLE. Divorcing spouses may structure the process to reflect their needs. For example, they may meet in a single or series of sessions; mediate a comprehensive settlement or just selected issues; and so on.

IT'S COST EFFECTIVE. Mediation fees are generally a small fraction of the cost of negotiating through attorneys alone or litigating a contested action.

PLEASE CONTACT ME if you would like to schedule a mediation or have further questions. All inquires are strictly confidential.