One Ripe Strawberry

An explorer walks a path in the jungle.

A tiger follows.

She walks faster.

The tiger gains.

She runs.


The path ends at a sheer cliff.

The bridge is out.

The tiger is close.


A hundred feet below a river rages.

There’s no jumping.

She climbs down a vine growing from the cliff’s edge.

A mouse appears.

It gnaws at the vine.

The vine frays.


The explorer spots a plant clinging to the cliff face.

There’s one ripe strawberry.

She picks it.

She eats it.

And, it’s a damn good strawberry.


*Thanks so much to Sylvia Boorstein (Author, Psychotherapist, and Buddhist Teacher) for this story that I’ve adapted from her telling on a recent 10% Happier with Dan Harris podcast.