virtual mediation

VIRTUAL MEDIATION IS A USEFUL ALTERNATIVE to in-person mediation. In virtual mediation, no one needs to be in the same room, the same city, the same state, or even the same country. In fact, you can be just about anywhere.

WE “MEET” ELECTRONICALLY in virtual mediation via online platforms (like Skype or Zoom), or by telephone, or by email, or any combinations of three. 

THE PROCESS CAN BE AS FLEXIBLE OR STRUCTURED AS NECESSARY to meet your needs and the nature of the conflict. Virtual mediation can be a one-time event, or consist of a number of meetings over time that can vary in length. Parties can meet together or separately; they can work simultaneously or at their own pace.

SOME OF THE BENEFITS of mediating virtually:

  • You can mediate from where you are

  • Distance, travel time, and travel expense are not barriers to meeting

  • Scheduling meetings can quite flexible

  • Discomfort of meeting in-person is eased  

SOME OF THE CHALLENGES of mediating virtually:

  • Important non-verbal communication—facial expressions, body language—may be missed or unavailable in virtual meetings

  • Commitment is sometimes greater in-person

  • Technology may be fickle and awkward 

CONTACT ME TODAY to schedule a virtual mediation or learn more about the process and how it can work for you.  All inquires are strictly confidential.